Monday, March 18, 2013

TVknittingpodcast Episode 45


Totally frogged my HoAloha sweater back to the neckline. It didn't fit right, and you know the old saying...."If you don't like it won't like it 10 years from now" and it is too nice a sweater to sit in the closet. catch up, I have been knitting only on THAT. I'm a slow knitter, (but a very persistent one)

Confessions of a Newbie Spinner:

I have been spinning on the "taking it to the Bridge" Merino silk braid from "Into the Whirled" 

I am loving this colorway, and the fiber prep. I have stopped the club (trying to save $...yeah, retirement is looming)....but I'm sad because she does great colors/prep. Saving my $ for Rhinebeck!

Knitting Lessons:

Doubling yarn. Yeah, don't do it. That is all.

Knitting Dreams:

I am going to be test knitting a gorgeous cowl from Kim at Craftstash. LOVE this podcast. (video). Gong to be using Madelinetosh DK...what could go wrong?

This week in TV:

Here are some interesting articles about the "Veronica Mars" movie fundraiser on Kickstarter. Y'all know my opinions.

Amy "TV Gal's" article (BTW, if you do not read TVGal, you totally should.)

Article by my hero Matt Mitovitch at TV Line


We pick the winners of Sharrie's Favorite Things" contest! And there is a bonus prize!!! Find out by listening!

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