Monday, August 11, 2014

TVknittingpodcast Episode 77--Girl walks into SSK.....


I finished Stash Dash, so excited!

5590 yards!! Super excited that I blew through all of that stash in such a short amount of time. 5/8-8/8.

Since I talked to you last, I completed the Hitchhiker (In photo collage above), and a crochet color block blanket (also above).

In spinning, I completed 3 braids (pictured above), all with Into the Whirled fiber.

Currently I am knitting a shawl from the pink fiber pictured above. Haven't decided on a border for it yet. Thinking about the lace pattern on the Olive Garden shawl. I spoke about using a book by Anna Dalvi to choose the shape of the shawl. The title is Shaping Shawls.

I just finished this braid from ITW, July Club. I LOVE it:

Colorway is "Prance". I adore this yarn. I got 365 yards. I am going to be casting on for a Tan House Brook shawl by Jennifer Lassonde of the Down Cellar Studio Podcast. She gifted me the pattern. Thanks Jen!

I spoke at length about the Super Summer Knit Together in Nashville Tennessee. It was an awesome time!

No TV talk this week. You can hear me as a guest host on the TVRewind podcast here!