Thursday, March 28, 2013

TVKnittingpodcast Episode 46


Finally separated the sleeves for the Hoaloha sweater!!

Loving this knit. You can see the blue pooling a bit on the left side. 

I also knit on my plain vanilla socks at the movies. This is what it looked like before I went to the movies:

And this is what the sock looked like after I got home and popped it out of my purse.

Ta Da!!

Self-Striping Yarn is from Ladybug fibers on Etsy. I call them my "Watermelon Socks"

Off topic alert: This is my spring bag:

I bought it at the Gap (naturally). It is a little big, but it holds all my daily "stuff" with lots of room for knitting!

The other thing I knitted on this week was a test-knit from Kim of the Craftstash Podcast.

Here's a sneak peek!

Yarn is Tosh Merino DK in the Glazed Pecan colorway. (I found the ball band.)

So....if I had a section for Knitting Attacks (what The Knitmore Girls call it) this would be it. Or should I call it "Frogging Attacks"

Tried to frog an FO. Couldn't find the woven in end, so yeah, I ended up with a disaster.

Any suggestions?

Yarn is "Lush" (Not Luxe as I referred to it on the podcast) from Classic Elite. It is no longer sold.

((Sigh)) I guess I'm going to have to frog on.

Confessions of a Newbie Spinner:

This is the Into The Whirled "Take it to the Bridge" Luxe colorway that I spun. Merino Silk blend.

All Done!!

Will be plied this week. Going to make a "Hitchhiker" shawl for my daughter.

This Week in TV:

I talked about the "All My Children" re-boot. Premiering April 29th on Hulu!

I also talked about "Once Upon a Time", "Revenge" and "Pretty Little Liars."

In the "Spotted" section, It was an all "Once Upon a Time" all the time, because there are so many knitted items, knitting references, and spinning references as well!

One of our listeners gave us a challenge to come up with a cocktail with Kahlua that has no milk/cream. This is what Rich came up with:

Lynette's Black Irishman

1 part Irish Whiskey
1 part Kahlua
1/2 part Amaretto

Pour over rocks, Mix together. Or (for "up"), shake in shaker, and pour into a martini glass. Enjoy!

(I actually really liked the taste of this one. Rich has been drinking them at "Bartime" this month.)

I'll see if I can get a pic. I don't think it would tak much convincing for him to make one. ;)

We talked about our daughter's school (FGCU) and we were anticipating the game against San Diego State that evening. They won! And the win was historic!

Here are pics of the beach that my daughter's dorms are on:

Nice huh? Yeah. She has never set foot on it.

At least she is studying! (I hope)

Monday, March 18, 2013

TVknittingpodcast Episode 45


Totally frogged my HoAloha sweater back to the neckline. It didn't fit right, and you know the old saying...."If you don't like it won't like it 10 years from now" and it is too nice a sweater to sit in the closet. catch up, I have been knitting only on THAT. I'm a slow knitter, (but a very persistent one)

Confessions of a Newbie Spinner:

I have been spinning on the "taking it to the Bridge" Merino silk braid from "Into the Whirled" 

I am loving this colorway, and the fiber prep. I have stopped the club (trying to save $...yeah, retirement is looming)....but I'm sad because she does great colors/prep. Saving my $ for Rhinebeck!

Knitting Lessons:

Doubling yarn. Yeah, don't do it. That is all.

Knitting Dreams:

I am going to be test knitting a gorgeous cowl from Kim at Craftstash. LOVE this podcast. (video). Gong to be using Madelinetosh DK...what could go wrong?

This week in TV:

Here are some interesting articles about the "Veronica Mars" movie fundraiser on Kickstarter. Y'all know my opinions.

Amy "TV Gal's" article (BTW, if you do not read TVGal, you totally should.)

Article by my hero Matt Mitovitch at TV Line


We pick the winners of Sharrie's Favorite Things" contest! And there is a bonus prize!!! Find out by listening!

Monday, March 11, 2013

TVknittingpodcast Episode 44


HoAloha sweater. I had some drama after I recorded, I'll talk about THAT next week.

Plain Vanilla socks. Knit on them in the movies, apparently I can knit 22 rounds in 2 hrs.

Confessions of a Newbie Spinner:

Spinning on my Phang. Baby camel, dyed pink and green. From Knitted Choice (Etsy)

You can see my Jennie the Potter bowl in the pic below!

Stash Stories:

I got this gorgeous Alpaca/Merino/Silk blend from Three Waters Farm

Knitting Lessons:

The "Knitting Fairies" added a repeat to one of my student's Traveling Woman shawl.


"The Shamrocker"

2oz white tequila
2oz melon liquor
1 oz triple sec
Splash orange juice

Put all ingredients in shaker with ice. Shake well. Strain into rocks glass. Garnish with orange slice.

"The Shamrock Shaker"

2oz Kahula
1oz Amaretto
2.5oz Milk

Put ingredients into cocktail shaker with ice, shake vigorously, strain into chilled martini glass, sprinkle green colored sugar on top of drink and serve.


2oz Bailey's (or any irish creme liquor with a hint of mint chocolate)
1oz Vanilla vodka

Put into cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously. Pour into chilled martini glass. Garnish with a mint leaf.

Monday, March 4, 2013

TVKnittingpodcast Episode 43


Contest will be open until 9:00 pm on Saturday March 16th. Drawing on Sunday March 17th!



Sockhead hat # 4

It pooled so nicely!

Greetings From Poang, by Voolenvine:

WIP: Handspun shawlette, Baktus

Pic of the Ablet bracelet that I used to mark the rows:

WIP: HoAloha by MSkiknits. Yarn is Ella Rae Merino Worsted Denim Brown colorway. I LOVE it!

Confessions of a Newbie Spinner:

Into the Whirled January Club Color: Based on Van Gogh's "Starry Starry Night"

Also, their February Club Color "Take it to the Bridge"

Stash stories:

I bought a Phang.

Stitchmarkers from Voolenvine. (Pictured above on the HoAloha sweater.)

Knitting Dreams:

I enjoyed "Greetings From Poang" so much, I want to knit Preppy Twisted by Kristin!

This Week in TV:

If you want to find out what is predicted to be renewed/cancelled, click here.

I give you....the Lendtini!

4oz London Dry Gin
2oz Dry Vermouth
2oz Sweet Vermouth
1/2 oz La Belle Orange (cognac/orange liqueur)

Put in shaker with ice. Stir for 15 seconds. (Do not shake). Strain into 2 frosted martini glasses. Garnish with orange slice. (Makes 2, so share with a friend or fall on your ass.)