Sunday, May 19, 2013

TVknittingpodcast Episodes 51 and 52


Baby Sweater! I designed this myself:

Miss Bennet Wrap for the Orange KAL by The Fat Squirrel Speaks podcast:

You knit the border from side to side and then pick up stitches to create the crescent shape.

This is the yarn:

Using the variegated at the top for the crescent shape in garter stitch. Trying to use most of the yarn!!

Lastly, this is my swatch for the "Old Man and the Sea" by Mel from the "Singlehanded Knits podcast"

I loved this yarn so much that I gave Siri a matching sweater. I love how protected she is now! (iphone 5 case)

Confessions of a Newbie Spinner:

Isn't she so pretty? What great spinners Jenkins Spindles are.

Knitting Dreams:

Who wants to join in a summer KAL? I'm starting a thread for those who are interested. I'm calling it the "BIG SHAWL KAL". Pick any pattern, the only requirements is that you use more than 700 yards of yarn (any weight). Double dipping for other KALs is totally fine. If I get more than 5 people I will give away prizes during Bartime! (Rich loves to pick the numbers).

Start Date July 1 2013. End date Aug. 31 2013

This Week in TV:

Find out what was cancelled and what is coming back in the fall on Network TV here.


Here is a pic of the crazy dessert Rich got at the Culinary:

Does this look like pineapple upside down cake to you?

Here is a pic I took of Rich with my new DSLR. I need help with flash yet, but I like this candid shot:

Here is a link to the clip from the Michael J. Fox new fall show. I am off to watch it now. Cheers!

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