Thursday, October 11, 2012

TVknittingpodcast Episode 32

I have Shownotes!

GIANT podcaster meetup at Rhinebeck, Saturday October 20 at 1:00 pm. The complete list is here

Thank you Jen, from Downcellarstudio Podcast for compiling this extensive list! Holy cow, I can't believe that so many of us will be there. Super exciting.


Almost finished with Penumbra. 

(Actually I am finished at this point, I'll post finished pics when I talk about it.)

LOVED this knit SO hard. Gorgeous yarn and beads, and fun pattern together made for the perfect storm of a fantastic knit.

Confessions of a Newbie spinner:

I went to Fiber Fallout 2012. It was fantastic. I learned so much!

I talked about Robin Russo's class on Saturday. We did lots of fiber prep, which I had never done before. And we made batts!!

I think this is a medium wool, alpaca, and mohair. Just beautiful. I could get into making batts.

This is the book we used for fiber prep and spinning worsted (combed) and woolen (carded). It really gave me a better understanding of the concepts.

Stash Stories

These beautiful skeins just arrived from Blue Moon Fiber Arts

I am going to make Sockhead Hats for my step granddaughters. I think I am going to start with "Rue de Pondscum" the one on the right. The other is "Rosanna Donna". They are both mediumweight, which I do not like for socks, but will be great for hats.

This Week in TV

I get all of my TV info from Great site.

Have a good week!

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