Saturday, February 11, 2012

TVknittingpodcast Episode 6


I talked about how I watch TV. I knit when I watch Hulu and Netflix. I watched Downton Abbey here.

Finishing up the body on my Cabled Raglan. Thinking about whether or not to put cables on the sleeves.

10 Rows to go on my Traveling Woman Shawl should be finished next week.

Knit a little on my Bellatrix Sock.

It's official. I'm definitely in my Purple Period.

Confessions of a Newbie Spinner

Talked about my fleece I bought at Rhinebeck. Meet Mabel!

Knitting Lessons

Talked about how I learned to knit socks. This is one of my early ones.

Knitting Dreams

Talked about wanting to knit Bex by Cookie A. Want to knit these from BMFA Socks that Rock in the Cozy Fierce and Dirty Orange colorway.

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